About the Foundation

The Cancer Treatment and Support Foundation (CTSFI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines as a non-stock and not-for-profit corporation on January 21, 2002. Since then, it has been in continuous operation in serving both adult and children with cancer. It’s main purpose is to provide medical services and related assistance to indigent or low-income patients needing cancer operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and palliative care. It also helps educate and enlighten patients afflicted with cancer and their families, and provide support group services for cancer patients.  

6 thoughts on “About the Foundation

  1. aimee magno on said:

    i want to ask help for AVM patients..ty

    • Amy Dy on said:

      The good news is that AV Malformation is NOT cancer.
      Where is the AVM? What part of the body? Because you can be referred to a good institution like the PGH for this concern.

  2. Gigi Palma on said:

    Dear Dr. Amy,

    Napanood ko po ang Ako ang Simula, maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tulong na naibigay nyo sa mga batang Filipino. I am not rich but I’d like to contribute in any way I can.

    Work email ko ho yung nilagay ko, wala po ako sa Pilipnas nandito ho ako sa Alaska. Please let me know how can I send my support.


    • Amy Dy on said:

      Dear Gigi,

      Thank you for empathizing with the children with cancer.
      We have several ongoing programs for them, such as the “adopt a child with cancer” where the foundation helps subsidize the chemotherapy; the “immune booster program” where food containing immune factors are given to the children; the “you can hug me” where patients and their families are gathered for socialization and awareness campaign; and others.
      If you would like to donate, please use the following accounts:
      Peso Account:
      BPI St Lukes
      Acct No 3891-0010-36

      USD Account
      BPI St Lukes


  3. Saveenah on said:


    I wonder how my family can donate some chemodrugs we have left here with us.
    I have 1pc carboplatin 450mg and 12pcs gemcitabine 200mg.

    We really want to help patients with cancer. We also want to talk to them (if possible) and just give them words of encouragement and maybe visit them from time to time.

    Please let me know how my family and I can do this. Please email me. Thank you.

    • Dear Sir/Mam,
      Thank you for your offer to donate drugs.
      We treat indigent patients at National Children’s Hospital, among others.
      You may send the drugs to the office of the cancer foundation at MAB 232 St Luke’s Medical Center, E. Rodriguez Sr Ave, Quezon City. The telephone there is 7231055. You may call before going there.
      Also, you are welcome to visit and give cheers to our patients. Just give us an advance notice so we can get the necessary permit from the hospital administration.
      Thank you!

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