Dr. Henderson has dedicated his life to saving lives. In Colostrum, Nature’s Healing Miracle, he delves into the scientific research behind life’s very first food for all mammals: Colostrum. In this guide, he shares his passion for healing. He tells the story of colostrum–what it is, its many components, and its effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of disease. He includes testimonials from patients and colleagues who have experienced success with this amazing superfood. Dr. Henderson leads you on a journey through discovery and exploration of colostrum. Learn about how it can change your health–today and for the rest of your life! Kaye Wyatt shares her triumphant story of healing with colostrum. As a new baby, Kaye was given extensive radiation to the thymus gland for breathing difficulties. This procedure destroyed her immune system and her survival required ongoing drugs and antibiotics to ward off infections and allergies. The medications took a terrible toll on her body and she was no longer responding to antibiotics at a time when she needed them most–she had contracted Legionnaire’s Disease. Just when she had given up all hope, colostrum was introduced into her life. As Kaye says, “Colostrum was the missing piece of the puzzle–the piece that gave my immune system the boost to respond as a healthy immune system would. Now that the puzzle is complete, it is a masterpiece (healing my body beyond what the medical community said was possible–confirmed with medical tests). Colostrum is Mother Nature’s masterpiece!” Join Kaye and let the miracle of colostrum enhance your life and the lives of those you love.

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